Contracting Instructions

Below is the online contracting link to get started with the contracting system for North American Life Plans, LLC. 

You will need to have E&O and Anti-Money laundering training (must be through an approved provider) before you start the process in our contracting system.  No carrier anti-money laundering certificates from the carriers will be accepted.  Please do not create a profile if you do not have the two requirements.

Approved AML Providers


Before you start contracting, please watch the video which gives you an overview about how the system works. This video has very valuable information and it will save you time.

If you have never gotten contracted under NALP, you will register as a “NEW USER”.  Other FMO’s may have used this same system but every FMO has their own contracting link.  Click on the link below to get started.  Please remember “New producers” logging into SureLC for the first time will simply select the “NEW USER” hyperlink on the login page.  PLEASE WRITE DOWN YOUR PASSWORD SINCE I WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO IT.

When you are using SureLC, on each screen, there is a tutorial video you can watch that will instruct you on how to use that particular facet of the system.  These videos can be accessed by pressing the “?” icon at the top of the screen.

The main tabs to complete in the system after you have created your profile are as follow (all tabs will turn “green” once they are completed):

The below 1-9 steps must be completed in its entirety

  1. NIPR
  2. DBA
  3. Questions (background for contracting)
  4. Licenses (shows all of your licenses)
  5. EFT
  6. History (this tab will not have a green mark)
  7. E&O
  8. Training – The AML training from carriers will NOT be accepted
  9. Scan (Upload your signature and a copy of certificates such as AHIP, LTC, Annuity etc….) – DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR PERSONAL LICENSES

Once you have created your profile, please request the specific carrier that you wish to sell with so you can get appointed to sell for this carrier. Please keep in mind that some carriers require appointment fees which will be deducted from your banking account.

*Please note that for Traditional Life and Long Term Care carriers you can’t request these contracts unless you have new business to submit with it.*

Do not contact SuranceBay directly for assistance. 

If you have any questions, please contact our sales department at (888) 362-1214.


  1. Aetna Life Ins Co (ALIC)
  2. American Amicable Life Ins Co of Texas
  3. American Continental Ins Co (ACI)
  4. American Equity Investment Life Ins Co
  5. American General Life Ins Co
  6. American National
  7. American National Life Ins Co of TX
  8. Americo Financial Life and Annuity Ins Co
  9. Ameritas Life Insurance Corp
  10. Assurity Life Ins Co
  11. Athene Annuity and Life Company
  12. Atlantic Coast Life Ins Co
  13. Cincinnati Life Ins Co
  14. Combined Ins Co of America
  15. Continental Life Ins Co
  16. Equitrust Life Ins Co
  17. Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Co
  18. Foresters
  19. Forethought Life Ins Co
  20. Genworth Life Ins Co
  21. Gerber Life Ins Co (Life)
  22. Gerber Life Ins Co (Medicare)
  23. Great American Life Ins Co
  24. Guarantee Trust Life Ins Co (GTL)
  25. Guaranty Income Life Ins Co
  26. Guggenheim Life and Annuity Co
  27. Liberty Bankers Life Ins Co
  28. Lincoln Financial and Lincoln National Life
  29. Medico
  30. Minnesota Life Ins Co
  31. Mutual of Omaha Ins Co
  32. National Western Life Ins Co
  33. Nationwide Life and Annuity Ins Co
  34. New Era Life Ins Co
  35. New Era Life Ins Co of The Midwest
  36. North American Co For Life and Health Ins Co
  37. Pacific Life (PROMISE)
  38. Pekin Life Ins Co
  39. Philadelphia American Life Ins Co
  40. Phoenix Life Ins Co
  41. Protective Life Insurance Company
  42. Sagicor Life
  43. Scott and White Health Plan
  44. Sentinel Security Life Ins Co
  45. Silverscript Insurance Company
  46. Standard Life and Accident Ins Co
  47. Transamerica Life Insurance Co
  48. Transamerica TLIC/TPLIC (Brokerage)
  49. United American Ins Co
  50. United Home Life Ins Co