N A L P   R E G I O N A L   M A N A G E R   R E C R U I T I N G   P R O C E S S

  1. Identify and/or Target a potential recruit to pursue
  2. Contact agent to gauge our/their interest in becoming an agent with NALP- broker or Advisor
  3. If broker prospect, provide carrier/product/marketing opportunity
  4. If identified as a potential Advisor candidate, provide our NALP Advisor Value Proposition ( (use password: plans) and our Advisor Candidate Questionnaire (see attached)

     a.      Schedule a time to conduct interview to discuss value proposition and completed questionnaire

     b.      Review requirements/expectations

     c.      Obtain/provide ‘start date ‘commitment

  5. Obtain a verbal commitment from agent

  6. Complete the agent recruiting link  ( to get the agent started with contracting

    a.       Brokers will be sent contracting link for appropriate carriers (U65 or Medicare)

    b.       NALP Advisors will ONLY be sent the advisor agreement- once the Advisor agreement has been executed, the carrier contracting will be sent to the agent

    c.       Send the completed Advisor Candidate Questionnaire to Tammy to file

  7. Once you receive notification from Tammy that an agent has completed the contracting process, contact the agent to discuss an on-boarding and training plan

R E C R U I T I N G   S T R A T E G Y

Strategy:  We conduct regional/local recruiting activities with Live recruiting events

  • Schedule:  Schedule live (at least monthly) recruiting events in your market starting in May and running through August.
    • Melissa Franco will be coordinating the national schedule so please make sure she has the dates, times, and locations.
  • Topics: These events will probably be focused on U65 health, but add Medicare once those opportunities become more clear.
  • Manager Training:  I will travel to conduct your first event with you (mostly in May).
    • So far on my schedule I have Tulsa (Valarie), Atlanta (Stephen), and Nashville (Mark)
    • While I am in your area, we should also conduct agent/business/market/carrier development activities to make the most of our time together.
  • Conduct Events:  Then conduct the remaining monthly recruiting events in June, July, and August
    • You are responsible for scheduling dates, times, locations, topics, etc.
  • Attendance:  We drive attendance to these events using eMail blasts (email will direct interested agents to call the office to register).
  • Target:  The primary target audience for these events are independent, unaffiliated brokers that typically focus on health insurance and/or Medicare.
  • Confirm:  Call all registered agents to introduce yourself and encourage their attendance at your upcoming live event.
  • Live Recruiting Events:
    • I will be developing a proposed agenda for us to follow.
    • My plan is to have potential agent prospects bring their laptops so that we can contract them on the spot.
    • Tammy will be sending contracting links during the live event to all registered attendees.
    • The incentive to bring their laptops AND contract will be that we will provide some very basic Social Networking training to those that complete the contracting paperwork the day of the event.
  • Follow up:  Then, after the event, follow up with all attendees to make sure they completing all requirements (also follow up with anyone that registered but did not attend).
  • Train:  Train and develop the newly contracted brokers either via classroom, one on one, in the field, or all of the above (NOTE:  I will be sending a follow up email to all managers to provide guidance on our training and agent development strategy).
  • Convert to Advisor:  Identify and convert high potential brokers into Advisors (NOTE:  Use the attached form for these promotions to Advisor).
  • Support:  Use the Sales Associates for ongoing agent support.  They can be contacted at home office at 888-362-1214.

Guidance:  As Recruiting Manager, Joel Stevens can provide guidance on recruiting best practices.  Please feel free to contact him.  Joel would also be more than happy to assist you in recruiting a broker and/or Advisor. However, keep in mind that using Joel reduces your override compensation on that broker and/or Advisor so I would only recommend using Joel’s services when there is a strong reason why you cannot or do not want to recruit the agent directly.

Individual 1:1 Recruiting:  When conducting your regular, ongoing recruiting activity (NOT the Live Recruiting Events), please fill out and submit the attached agent referral form (ARF).  Within 24 hours, Tammy will send appropriate contracting information directly to the agent.  Then, once the agent has successfully completed the contracting process, you will receive a notification from her so that you can follow up and train the new agent.  As a reminder, if you are recruiting an NALP Advisor, they must first sign the Advisor contract PRIOR to any carrier contracting.

Distribution Strategy:  As a reminder, we are always looking for direct agents (either brokers or Advisors) that can work under you.  We are not looking for agencies with their own downlines.