Our Team

O U R   T E A M

Although NALP was founded in 2007, the majority of our team has been working together for 10-20 years.

N A L P   S T A F F

Gene Woznicki

Andy Dastur
Executive Vice President

James Curley
Senior Vice President

Tammy Gendics
Vice President of Administration

Lori Kangun
Vice President of Finance

Joel Stevens
Director of Agent Recruitment and Development

Paul Andries
Technology Manager

Todd Ulmen
Sales Associate

Brian Wilson
Sales Associate

Melissa Franco
Marketing Associate

Crystal Bruce
Administrative Associate

Lisa Callaghan
Recruiting Associate

Jay Khatter
Support Associate

Kate Dastur
Marketing Support

Riley Welch
Marketing Support

L E A D E R S   &   M A N A G E R S

Mark Daly

Jeff Johnson

Mark Keadle

Renee Shannon

Valarie Stevens

Lynne Timm

Stephen Weinberger