NALP Advisors Marketing Allowance Introduction
April 3, 2017

   Program 2018

As you know, Walmart provides agents the opportunity to set up a booth in their stores to generate prospects.  The great thing about Walmart is the massive traffic of the world’s largest retailer.  However, working retail successfully is ‘part art, part science’.  It also takes a significant commitment of time during the busy open enrollment timeframe.

Attached you will find a list of available stores.  Below you will find a program summary.  As you can see, the deadline is May 18th.   Keep in mind that there is a $500 ‘Participation fee’ assessed to each agent by Walmart, but you can use your earned ‘NALP Advisor Marketing’ Allowance money to reimburse this cost.

NALP Advisors will always have first choice on this opportunity.  Whatever is left over will be provided to other agents.


As you know, many of our top producers have figured out how to use FB to generate prospects and market their businesses.  Facebook has nearly 2 billion monthly users.  If you have not figured out how to leverage FB yet, you need to start NOW!

Below you will find a form to have your FB business page set up by our professional Facebook expert, Shanda Harris.  Not only will she set it up, but she will teach you how to use it.  While there is a small fee for her services, you can use your Marketing Allowance to reimburse the cost.

This is available for NALP Advisors only.


The next Marketing opportunity I wanted to share with you is Pharmacy.  Last year there we had two in particular.  First, we had around 20 CVS pharmacy storesaround the country that our Advisors could staff.  Attached and below you will find some of the materials that were used LAST YEAR.  Some had great success with it, others do not plan to do it again.  If you are interested, now is the time to request a store.  As you know, NALP Advisors get first choice, and whatever is left over will be provided to other agents.  Many of our Advisors also staffed local independent pharmacies.  Now is the time to start developing those opportunities as well.  In the summer, we will have some training webinars/classes including best practices on how to work a pharmacy.  The good thing about these activities is that since they are filed as Sales Events with CMS you can sell Medicare plans on the spot!

In addition, Silverscript provided co-op marketing funds for a limited number of our NALP Advisors last year.  Fortunately, we performed well and I am fairly confident that we can obtain those funds again.  In addition, Envision PDP is also considering our request for funding.  While I recognize many Advisors don’t spend a lot of time on PDP, it is one of the best ways to generate new prospects and new clients and you might as well use their money to get them.

NALP Advisors will always have first choice on this opportunity.  Whatever is left over will be provided to other agents.