Final Expense Program

Program Perks

✔️ Double your income
✔️ Earn a trip to London in March 2020
✔️ Take better care of your clients’ needs
✔️ Ease of use
✔️ Can do everything electronically
✔️ Maximize your Marketing Allowance
✔️ High commissions
✔️ Streamlined training & education
✔️ Renewals

Sales Leaders Trip 2020

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You MUST be appointed with United of Omaha to move forward with this campaign. For contracting instructions or questions, please visit the contracting tab above.

Step #1 - Set Up

1. Create a Mutual of Omaha Sales Professional Access login: 

2. Download Apptical on mobile device & sign up with Last Name and SS#

3. Download Mutual of Omaha Mobile Quote Tool:

Step #2 - Training

The Final Expense Product

The Post Season Game Plan

Training Documents

Weekly Phone Calls

Step #3 - Dials

* This campaign is designed for you to increase your Life business by reaching out to you current Medicare clients.
* This is a sell over the phone campaign.
* Legacy Safeguard/Post Season Game Plan has partnered with Mutual of Omaha to offer the Legacy Safeguard Package on with any Living Promise policies that you sell through them. This program utilizes that you are offering something additional with the Final Expense policy as the hook in your sales pitch.
* Call you Medicare clients using the script below.
* Sign them up for a Living Promise Final Expense policy electronically.

Medicare Clients Phone Script

Sample Phone Script to Set an Appointment

Hello, this is , is Mr./ Mrs. __________ available?
Hello, Mr./ Mrs. _________. This is , and I helped you with your Medicare plan this year. How is everything going for you?

I’ve recently started offering Legacy Safeguard, which is a service that I believe so much in that I’m providing it to all of my clients, FREE of CHARGE. Legacy Safeguard is a legacy planning and end-of-life planning service that helps you leave a lasting legacy and be remembered long after you’re gone, and I want to provide this to you FREE of CHARGE as well.

Is now a good time for me to go through more information and answer any questions that you may have about the Medicare plan you enrolled in? This will only take a few minutes, but it will be very beneficial for you
and your family in the future.

Do you have time now for me to go over this with you?

If not, when would be a good time for me to call you back?
It’s very easy, I can get you a quote and enroll you over the phone and a face-to-face meeting won’t be necessary!

Step #4 - Marketing & Leads

More information coming soon...

USPS Every Door Direct Mail Program: