W H O   A R E   W E ?

NALP Advisors is a national, independent insurance marketing organization that provides products, training and support to financial professionals working in the senior market. We offer a number of competitive advantages and unique opportunities to advisors who join our organization.

N A L P   A D V I S O R S   C O M P E T I T I V E   A D V A N T A G E S

Customized Tools
We offer a variety of tools that we customize to help you build your business. For example, we will build you a customized website, provide business cards, and VIP sales support so that you always have a person to talk to to help you with any service or support. We also communicate with you weekly with our Fast 5 on Friday newsletter.
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Prospecting Systems
NALP Advisors are leaders in social media marketing and we have a social media consultant who will work with you in developing a strong online presence and assist in launching you as a brand. Our consultant will work with you 1-on-1 to help you better understand how to use social networking to market yourself. We also offer our Advisors access to all of our exclusive lead opportunities including leads from carriers and endorsements.

Advanced Training
We provide comprehensive and customized in depth training to our Advisors both in the field and in the classroom. In addition, we have a organizational culture where top producers make themselves available to mentor new Advisors to help them grow their income and sales quickly. We also conduct regular training meetings to increase your knowledge and enhance your skills.

Career Advancements
Our business and our agent force continues to grow dramatically and we are looking to promote regional managers from existing top performing Advisors. If you are interested in training and developing a team, we’ll help you build one.

Innovative Marketing Training
We provide up to $1,000 per month in marketing funds to help you grow your business. The monthly marketing allowance is either $250, $500, or $1,000 based upon production that you can use however you deem beneficial for your growth including leads, social media, seminars, ads, etc. As long as it is spent to bring clients to you! Since it is done on a reimbursement basis it is not taxable income to the Advisor.

Top Compensation
We always provide our Advisors with the best commission schedules including the largest advances (if needed).

Annual Conference
Every year we assemble all of our agents and Advisors for training and business development. In addition, top performers are invited to our annual Leadership Conference with team building, dining, entertainment, and training with other top producing Advisors and Managers.

Exclusive Endorsements
We are the exclusive provider of Member Benefits for retired teachers in Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Combined these 200,000 members utilize NALP Advisors for their member’s insurance needs. We also have exclusive endorsements from medical providers that give our Advisors unique prospects.

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